So glad to be home - A Lander Chemistry Student Tours Asia
I have to say that I am far too happy to be home. I have missed a sense of normalcy and the ability to actually unpack. I still haven't had that mac and cheese, but mom says she is making it for dinner. :D

When we got back to Lander, we were all asleep. I quite enjoyed the nap on the bus. Parents started showing up as well as Dr. Park and Mr. Jeff. Paizley's parents showed up with a big sign saying welcome home and thanking Lander for letting us go on this trip. They also had roses, cold drinks and american flag pins for us. It was such a cool thing! 

In other news, I am thinking about making another blog for everyone I met while in Asia to keep up with all the cool stuff I do in Greenwood and at Lander. No, It wouldn't be near as in depth or detailed as this one. I'll let you know if I decide to do so.

For now though, I am going to get myself moved to Greenwood and not have any travel plans in the immediate future.

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